In memory of Sir Frank Whittle

Words from real people that really knew him! This is so cool. If you have anything to to add and share ...
> From:  S.....waiting for reprint permission....
> To:
> Subject: Turbo Jet
> Date: Wednesday, December 11, 1996 12:31 AM
> Dear Sir,
>           Thank you for a very interesting page that you have made for
> us. You asked for some feedback and hear it is. Our friend Sir Frank
> Whittle died in September of this year (1996). He had been suffering
> from cancer and was in his 90's.
> My Father worked with him in the early days on 
> development at  English Electric and thence on to RR in Derby. 

.... to be continued with permission of  Mr. S's father ...

An e-mail from a Sir Frank Whittle's brother's grandson!

From: Lesley Pritchard 
To: "''" 
Subject: Albert Whittle
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 14:34:49 -0000 

Dear Sir,

Sir Frank Whittle was my Great Uncle and whilst I only had the pleasure
of meeting him once, I felt that I knew him very well as his brother, 
Albert Whittle, spoke of him all the time.

It is with great sorrow that I am writing to say that Albert, my
Grandpa, passed away on the 18th of September 1999.  

Whilst he never matched his brother in terms of fame and accomplishment,
my Grandpa made many valuable contributions of his own to the world of
aviation whilst an engineer with the RAF  - contributions which, sadly,
he couldn't patent due to the country being at war.

More importantly, however, Albert Whittle was one of the kindest,
gentlest and most generous natured souls alive.  He will be very sorely

Lesley Pritchard
Keene Integrated Marketing + Public Relations
37 Golden Square, London W1R 3AA  UK
Tel: +44 171 439 7227  Fax: +44 171 439 7840

And here's one from a Great Nephew! ... this is very cool!

From: Jeremy Shea
Date:Mon, Jan 10, 2000 

    Sir Frank was my Great Uncle I only met him a few times when I was 
little, I ate  dinner with him when he came to my grandmothers house for 
Thanksgiving,  in 1992. I don't really remember him but he was really nice. I 
went to his funeral in 1996 in Washington, D.C. I don't think I never got the 
chance to meet any of his sons but I saw them at the funeral.

    I am not blood related to him, he married my grandmother (Elsie Reed's) 
sister (Hazel Hall or Lady Whittle), me and my family call her Aunt Tom, she 
is really nice.  

Sir Frank was good friends with my grandpa (Col. Charles Reed). Sir Frank 
gave him a Rolls-Royce magazine that he signed, which I now have. They would 
sit and discuss science for hours.  

Jeremy Shea
Manassas, Va

IPO: 11-Dec-96

Please send your comments, ideas, good information, whatever, thanks. Send your original words or family photos of Sir Frank and I'll collect 'em here, and/or links to them. Find my eMail contact at my home page at I had no clue Sir Frank was still alive when I started this project! I started this project a few years before he died and published it here and started writing about him a few months before he died and sorry that I had no clue he was still alive during this time. I bet he would have got a kick seeing these things we are doing with old turbochargers. And I'm sure he would very much enjoy the very cool comments published on this page from his friends and family. He lives on through our memories.

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