29May98 We have had contact with Jim Gordon at Micro Aircraft!
10/96 first e-mail about this...

The following is a Reprint courtesy of Ultralight Flying, PO Box 6009, Chattanooga, TN 37401 First posted here Saturday, October 05, 1996
Micro Aircraft
11799 State Road 238 East, Dep: UF
Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: (317) 776-2285 * Fax: (317)776-0917)

Jim Gordon of Micro Aircraft demonstrated his jet-powered Mitchell Wing B-10 for the ultralight industry in April 1996. His Indiana-based company modifies a jet turboshaft engine into the JFS 100 Turbojet.

Free-air cooled turbojet engine currently under development and testing. Based on JFS 100-13 turboshaft engine. Annular combustor, single-stage axial gas-generator turbine, full containment, single-stage centrifugal compressor, permanent magnet generator, automatic start/run control system, start counter, integral oil reservoir, replaceable oil and fuel filter, impingement nozzles (for emergency initiation), DC start motor for electric start initiation, fuel and oil pump positive displacement gear. Available from Micro Aircraft.

Power ........ 80 lbs thrust at 72,000 rpm
Fuel ...........JET-A K-1
Dry weight ......53 lbs.
Recommended TBO ......2,000 cycles

Standard features: electric start, 4-amp alternator, guages. Options: oil cooler, instruments (oil pressure, oil temp, EGT), standard turboshaft engine with info to turn it into turbojet ($4,500). Price: $6,400. Info: $5, video: $15.

End of reprint, courtesy of Ultralight Flying, PO Box 6009, Chattanooga, TN 37401 First posted here: Saturday, October 05, 1996
The above text and photo are copyrighted editorial material which I copied from a torn-out piece of news print and published here for public use. It took me about two days to figure out (all by myself) that I broke the law and am liable for damages and could even go to jail! So, I searched out the source which is Ultralight Flying Magazine (6/96 issue published by Glider Rider, Inc.) I called the Editor in Chief and asked for permission to reprint. He said OK and told me to put the Reprint courtesy notice in. It's EASY! Net publishers!, this is real property and it belongs to its creator, and we were brought up and should know to ask before you take, use, or give-away someone else's property, right?....so big deal, it cost me two 50 cent phone calls and I met some very cool people, maybe I'll do this more often?) Doing the right thing (morality?) is not expensive, doesn't take much time, and you get power, freedom, good sleep, and even fun in return. What a deal.

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10/5/96.... Monday I will call Jim, tell him about this www page here and get some up-to-date info. ..."news at 11".

================cool E-MAIL from cool people about this cool subject===================
> From: joenjo@pacbell.net
> To: purple@hotmail.com
> Subject: ultralight jet cost/thrust ratio
> Date: Saturday, October 05, 1996 8:12 AM
> Larry,
> cool web page but $6.4k sounds like a lot of dough for only 80# thrust.
> It's okay to call me a cheapskate.
> cheers, Joe

Hi Joe,
Well call me a cheapskate too, but you got me thinking more about it (is this good?). My Rotax 447 (40HP at 90 pounds dry) gives me 80# static. Price with gearbox, prop, fuel pump, exhaust pipe & muffler, is about $2300. I would pay more to be cool, and on the wave, but not 278%. Still, it sure would be fun cruising around the neighborhood sounding more like a jet than a lawn-mower, even a
John Deere.


....update, ... the price could be great!. Back in February 1992, Jim Gordon from Micro Aircraft told Robert Goyer (who writes for SPORT PILOT magazine) that he bought a bunch of government-surplus turbines back in 1984 ranging from 60 hp to 8000 hp and is finding applications for them. One type is a 95 hp Solar T-65 which pushed the hydraulics in Chinook helicopters. He said some APUs cost over $100,000 new and now are all rebuilt with 300 to 350 hours on them since overhaul. He said if he runs out he will make new ones and sell them for $15,000. So 4 years ago he had some 95 hp units ready to bolt onto a light plane though the prop drive unit (he makes?) was not ready at the time, and the entire package, ready to fly, would cost you $13,000. Est. fuel usage 8 to 12 gallons per hour. I found all this info thanks to Al Doyle who publishes JETS for $17 per year. Write: P.O.Box 60311, Huston, Tx 77205. It's like 2 to 5 xerox pages per month via s-mail and full of good info. He has been doing this since before Jan 1987, he must have rooms full of stuff.

News! I received an e-mail from Jim Gordon! ... at Micro Aircraft, his home address and contact information is here:

Jim Gordon
120 Overland CT
Noblesville, IN 46060
mailto: JIMATMICRO@aol.com

He said: "I'm selling gasturbines 60 -6,000 hp and lbt
price 1,500.00 - up.
If you would like more info e-mail or call !!
I'm here to help!
All the Best,"

Pretty cool. I want one of the $1,500 ones! I wonder what it is? More news later.

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